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Maritime domain is a domain of special interest for the Republic of Croatia, which includes internal sea, territorial sea, the seabed and underground, parts of mainland intended for public use, and everything permanently connected to that part of mainland on or under the surface.

Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing

  • Why advertise on Maritime Domain portal?
  • Visitors and Advertisers

Why advertise on Maritime Domain portal?

Our approach and commitment is targeted marketing, which attracts the attention of profiled visitors - portal readers, and we offer to the advertisers a greater possibility of commercial success.

Professional and informative articles about the maritime domain and the timeliness of topics discussed at the portal are desirable advertising environment for each advertiser. Therefore we invite all potential advertisers whose activities (products and services) are related to the the sea and the coast, or with the topics discussed on the portal, to select a portal page suitable for their advertising.

This is a unique specialized portal in Croatia for a wide range of users seeking relevant information, opinions, comments and suggestions related to the governance, concessions, ports and jurisprudence regarding the maritime domain. Special place on the portal is dedicated to the legal dimension of the maritime domain as legal security and property-rights issues are important aspect of every economic activity. In Croatia, these issues are today extremely important in the regime of general maritime domain.

Visitors and Advertisers

Conceived as a specialized portal for maritime domain issues, www.pomorskodobro.com is designed for a variety of people visiting this website to find the answers to technical questions, as well as those who wish to use this website for their own presentation and publicity.

Here are some potential visitors and advertisers on this portal:

  1. The hotel tourism sector on the seacoast
  2. Camping sites - services
  3. Beneficiaries of the tourism sector
  4. The industrial sector on the seacoast
  5. Shipyards
  6. Industrial ports
  7. Beneficiaries of shipyards and industrial ports
  8. Specialized building sector
  9. Fishing sector - aquaculture - diving
  10. Financial sector - insurance
  11. Investors - concessionaires on maritime domain
  12. Relevant ministries - State Administration
  13. Scientific and educational institutions
  14. Local governments on the seacoast
  15. Consultants - designers/planners - architects
  16. Lawyers
  17. Media
  18. Port authorities of public seaports
  19. Port authorities
  20. Seaports for special purposes, marinas and sport ports
  21. Shipping companies - Maritime shipping agents
  22. Pilots - Towing and Rescue
  23. Concessionaires and other beneficiaries of port services
  24. Urbanism - Urban planners
  25. Geodesists/Land surveyors - Administration - Institutions
  26. Real estate agencies
  27. Civil societies
  28. Natural and legal persons with special interests in the maritime domain

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