Pomorsko dobro

Maritime domain is a domain of special interest for the Republic of Croatia, which includes internal sea, territorial sea, the seabed and underground, parts of mainland intended for public use, and everything permanently connected to that part of mainland on or under the surface.


Historically, the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) chain has existed and has been developing for more than thirty years. Many valuable experiences and knowledge have been obtained during the LNG evolution. Certainly, one of the greatest values of this complex transport system and process is its "safety".

My wish is to bring the term and description of the LNG chain at least a little bit closer to all those who are interested, and I wish that people overcome the fear of something that is "unknown".

LNG is a clean and acceptable form of energy which can coexist with the local community, tourism, fishing and agriculture. All the LNG terminals in Korea have a museum within their facilities, which displays their efficiency and safety.

In this presentation, the LNG chain which encompasses three key links will be covered:

  • Loading terminal as a special purpose port
  • Carrier as a link between the producer and the consumer, the so-called floating "pipeline"
  • Unloading terminal

The LNG terminal will be described through the requirements and the equipment of the terminal, as well as through the division and operations on the LNG carrier.


Brief history of LNG

LNG terminals

Introduction to the project requirements

LNG terminal equipment

Unloading arms and port operations

LNG carriers

Types of LNG carriers

Operations on the LNG carrier


Istaknuta mišljenja

Snježana FrkovićSnježana Frković, dipl.iur., zamjenica Glavnog državnog odvjetnika Republike Hrvatske
Pomorsko dobro - izazov koji traži mudra rješenja

Gost portala

Tatjana TomaićAutor: Mr. sc. Olga Jelčić, dipl. iur. - Sutkinja Vrhovnog suda Republike Hrvatske u mirovini
Proturječnosti u primjeni zakona u postupku davanja koncesija na pomorskom dobru

U fokusu struke

Vlado SkorupAutor: dr. sc. Vlado Skorup, sudac, Županijski sud u Rijeci
Gospodarsko iskorištavanje pomorskog dobra bez pravne osnove - struktura problema


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